Saturday, December 21, 2013

Freedom, youth, and sex. by minka alexander

Have you noticed how crazy the kids are these days? Do you realy care? Im really getting sick of all the haters pushing the hate around. Miley and Justin i'm sorry . 

Let me put it this way .
The earth is covered with thousands and thousands of people all different colors all different customs beliefs.. ...Each and every human being is there own universe . 
You spin on your own, no ones in your head but you .
So people are naturally going to be different ,and every single human being is one of a kind .
Just like snowflakes.
When i do a painting i only do one. A painting that's One Of A Kind is much much more valuable than one that's 1 out of 50 . 
well, it works the same way with people .
You try so hard to fit in , I never wanna fit in .
I know I'm a crazy kid ,but isn't this america?
Do i not deserve the right to my own opinion? 
Do i not have the right to dance down the street with head phones on?

This entire country was built on people who questioned authority ! So , dont look at me and tell me that Questioning authority is wrong.. I'm not pushing it over just giving a check up .
We have a right to Speak our opinion!
We have the right to do whatever we want.

The Mastermind underneath, so fuck you Minka Alexander

Hello ,
     Im Minka Sati Alexander , and i want to share with you my plan to save the world.

First of all i guess we all know the world is fucked and all these people run into each other none of them seeing each other. There is no way to literately stop the violence ! There is no way to stop people from making bad choices and you still have to give people the freedom to make there own choices!

So how do you Change a Universe thats so cruel and so evil.....???

Love !
Sappy icky love leaks from the cracks in my skin . There is a little bit dripping from my eyes it looks like tears so you might have missed it. I have a great plan to spread my love like butter across the universe . The whole damn earth with feel my heart like the after shock of a huge earth quake before i leave this world or ill die trying . 
First step :
Sale my art , one creation at a time 
Second step :
Build The gypsy ranch !
Complete with gypsy horses,peacocks , and enough room in my home to welcome in as many lost children and adults , as i possibly can. A huge ranch with Fruit trees , a vegy garden , herb garden , self sufficient like a commune, But its up to me who lives in my home , and I open it to the lonely unloved.

Third Step:
Start giving classes and make a open public place where people from all over the world can come visit. With absolutely no religious affiliation , just a place to be , for everyone.
Forth step :
Crate a art label , FlAsHy , to catch peoples attention , while sending tiny messages of peace and hope to the world .

Step Five:
Train 10 young women to take over my goals of peace and love before i retire from saving the world.

Now before you second guess my ability to do these things I want you to know I have made up my mind !

This world is a cruel place , I know because I WAS the lonely unloved. I have been the shadow 
crying in the corner .

Have you seen what happens to young girls?? Alone in the world with nothing and no one ever loved them
and they will never know what there worth! There are thousands of these woman walking around tears slowly rolling down all those cheaks. And the rest of the world pretends that these people dont exist. You dont want to face this ugly world. Well guess what ... FUCK YOU .. ! .. this world is very real and its a lot more god damned intense then you retarded face book problems. Its my goal to end as much suffering as i can ... with love .. not judgement.. and i will and i wont let anyone stop me. 



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lost in translation.. by minka alexander

If your mind can not be open, forget everything you think you know and start over as a child.
I am in favor for there pain. They dug there own grave and I have done nothing but dance in the ashes of there burnt down homes . Golden is my sacred sunrise, every golden day ,and at 5 am every day I will be wide awake watching the sun come rising up over my almost perfect paradise. I think of there untended wounds and how selfishly the hold them in silence .  I think ,"how many don't open there eyes in time ,and the whole world runs right by , and they miss it all?"

   A fire raises in my heart .. strong and bright ... my heart burns brighter than the north star. Do not ridicule me for the things you THINK  I am .
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