Tuesday, September 10, 2013

bohemian biography ... Find out why I share my personal life so openly

So ,why do I share my personal life so openly ?

I am a Bohemian, a tramp , a gypsy , a professional housewife , a mother , a loner , and most defiantly misunderstood . ..

... I am one of the children who slipped through the cracks. However, I know im not the only one. There are millions of us And, even the ones who aren't one of us , have to struggle through things at times.   I have lived several different lives .. I have seen a lot in my life , and learned from my mistakes . Its funny how people say have no regrets. How is it people are supposed to learn from there mistakes it they have no regret ?

  Don't worry non of it is your fault , the world is a big bad monster, just looking for fresh meat. Its so easy to hate.. the hard part is forgiveness , and if you learn to forgive and let it go you will heal your own life.

    The world constantly judges you by the clothes you ware ,and how much money you make. So I have to admit I destruct my image .. if you are judging me by normal standards you will find flaws everywhere .. I do this to weed out the selfish shallow people.