Wednesday, July 10, 2013

minka alexander .. and the love in the world

       Stupidity as some people call it . The way I let the world jerk me around ! Or push me through another steady river? No , you can not trust anyone. But every one , every small hopeless case deserves a chance to be everything they can be .. this is the American motto .. so give me your weak for I am weak. and we shall stand together and create an empire.

    I have nothing .. But I am everything a human would ever need in there sole . does my net worth mean I am worthless ? No .. and I promise you one day my net worth will be as valuable a my heart.  There is a  seed in my heart that is a diamond worth more than anything else in the world . It Is love ... giving respect and care to those who don't even deserve it. Not asking for even love in return. My heart ,mind , and sole needs no return .. I am always myself and myself is a wonderful thing for me to be, even if I live through hell , I can give myself to making life better for others and that's enough for me .