Monday, March 18, 2013

Watch "Finding Nemo - Just Keep Swimming" on YouTube
   Lets all fallow dorie's philosophy and just keep swimming.

Let the music flow through your veins ...

Time suspends in mid air. Your mind drifts.. Allong you go rising and falling with the tones like a ship on the ocean. This is my happy place ,all alone , hidding in my headphones. I can hide away from the world if only for a little while.

A great monment ...

So last night I got in a huge argument .This is strange for me.After all the things I have been through  I try to aviod conflict by any means. However I must say I am proud of myself slightly for having stood up for myself. I don't mind so much that I let myself be angry this means im still strong.

           I love to much some times and this in itself drags me into a world of pain.
      Please don't think I regret it ! I honestly believe it's better to have loved and lost then ever to have loved at all. The pain is nothing new to me. "pain" ({PAIN}) pain is truly the most useless of human emotion. Pain comes and passes over and over. Its there to help you. It's there to let you know that somethings wrong. Well fuck you pain I extinguish you! I know somethings wrong! I know there are problems in my life.
               If you only read one thing I wrote I would hope it would be this...... "You Are Going To BeOk"  Life will keep going!