Saturday, March 16, 2013

Run in hair wild and eyes of fire..

The resilance of  man kind is amazing as to say push me down I'll rise back up. This in itself gives me faith. I know that i will bounce back. If there is or isn't a higher power, the honesty and goodness in man in its hole shale comfort me as i take on the world naked and bare foot (as though it where a frost covered battle field)
    Will I make it out the otherside? There is no of knowing. But i will run in hair wild and eyes of fire .

Friday, March 15, 2013

THAT GIRL ......

                      Its gotten so lonely inside my head ... create art for the world to see .. bring whats inside my head outside ... unfold a wonderland like they have never seen. Who i am matters most to me.

                       Ive traveled a lot of places .. and i have seen some awesome things. Its my intention to show everyone else the artistic magic that runs through my head. The kind of glory that makes you feel like a child again is waiting around the corner and many will never experience it. Thats ok friend .. take a look .. a little exploring through the world of my mind.  

This is my stoner mom cookbook

these are the paintings i have for sale

and this is my blovel

Monday, March 11, 2013

The indifference of good men.

     Is it so hard to tell the difference between right and wrong?  I believe in no way does religion make a difference or should race.I try with much effort to let people make there own choices , but here lately I have been forced to adapted my philosophy's to allow special "exceptions" . 
          I in all ..I Am  glad to take on these tasks (I even more so noticed a trust I have inside myself ,for myself). 
          I love very openly. Some of my friends show a honest concern for some of my choices .I dont put myself or others in harm , but I just can't leave that dirty black crow alone with its broken wing. Children are my biggest weakness .  
        My history with older men has placed me in the "house wife" position most of my life. As a tattoo artist ,mind you, its necessary to obtain a general "fuck you I can kick your ass" look . Generaly this works ok until someone hears me talk as I have one of those "power puff girl" voices . Lol yeah realy .
  So In all maybe my bad girl look could be to balance out . I  know that as I have grown as a person I am defiantly stronger than I look, but on the inside .

Sunday, March 10, 2013

continued =The Pursuit of Happiness ....

The Pursuit of Happiness ....

              I will be leaving may 15th to go to Georgia . I have to leave everything i have behind in order to fight for my daughters. My home will always be hear waiting for me . and some of my work i can take with me.. Honestly i wish i could have left sooner . im very excited to get this under way .
            Soon i will be posting blogs from citys headed east on a desprite search for justice. I want to make it clear I am in no way searching for myself... Im not leaveing my home searching for adventure. I am in fact doing what i should have done a long time ago . I am standing up for myself and fighting for whats mine.
     My mother sits high on her horse collecting money from my girls, convinceing her richy southern babtist family and friends of how I the crazy little punk rock girl am parting it up over here.
         I will stop at nothing to to have my girls returned to me, and in the eyes of the law I have done nothing wrong and there rightful place is with me. Wish me luck

The Mind of an artist ....

The Mind of an artist ....

Dirty rain

so my friend tim and i are practicing this song .. hopefuly soon i will have a video of us jaming this song for you guys