Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thank you america for being so normal and boring so i can be so wierd

Thank you america for being so normal and boring so i can be so wierd . You herd it straight from the punk rock girls mouth.
   So sorry of I offend you.. sorry because your so small minded and exist on a world of your own where being just like everyone else is comfortable ..
     To me your world is not comfortable at all.. your akward silences and you cold reaction to me show how drull your world infact is. 

To ge a girl like me

  To Today February 16 2012 ..... well I woke up late this morning 9 ish.  I was babysitting for a friend of mine who's a bartender and didn't get home untill 3 ish.
     I would like to point out firstly that I don't exercises to lose wait or look better in a dress I do it to feel better(lmfao) .... SO now that that's out of the way ..  for breakfast I had some chocolate cake... ( come on you guys! Chocolate) . Then a quick trip to dollar general. The little girl I had babysat was sick so I desided to grab her something to make her feel better.  ( along with some Valentine candy on sale .... awsome cUz it was on sale ... and pink (cuz girls like PINK) Can you say baby sitter bribery?  Lol

   I'm still carless after the ...ummmmmm " homicide " of my beautiful 98 z 28 cammaro ( I loved that car ,and it's difficult to explain  the love between a auto lovin bitch and her sweet American MUSCLER ridé { yes realy} ) .... so a good friend of mine ran me around town
He is a older man .. my best friends boyfriend , in his mid to late 40s . He and I and ... well there's circles when it comes to friends and iv been in his circle almost 6 years ..
   After our errands we all met up at his house I sit around ( normally doing business work ( the most boring and yet tedious of all work ) on the laptop . It's a nice calm place to get some work done and there musicians so the atmosphere it musical.   It interests me how different the atmosphere can be between not only the different cultures but the different cliques.  As a curious girl I find myself venturing into many different combination of the not only exotic but just plain weird.  But as a the girl I am I open my arms to them all ready to take in a new and dazzling experience. .. I call it a branch of artistic research.  And If we knew what we were doing they wouldn't call it research.  Bet you can't tell me where I got that line..

   Today like every day I took some meditation time ( that's where I fiddle around in my room listening to kick ass cds ( todays the soundtrack to trainspotting ) . I used to love doing meditation time with my daughter star. We would do yoga, well as close as you can get to yoga with a 3 year old .. mostly like mommy doing yoga with star sitting on her .
{" ha ha mommy you farted""oh yeah I did baba "}
                I have plenty of work to get done finishing pieces and finishing my business plans but not today today is a zebra pajama pants to the bar after iv taken a shot of nyquill and a tiny pieace off a energy pill.  .. dont laugh I'm sensitive to that * beeeep* kinda day! .. sure there will be a nap in there somewhere and one of those amazing hot baths { you know the ones you buy the toys for} but then ill get in a good set of stretches and a few belly dancing moves and feel like a million bucks when bar time rolls around. Gotta love Saturday !


Friday, February 15, 2013


2 am.  I am almost positive I was blown off tonight for someone who would put out. That's allright that's why a girl shouldn't sleep around .. see now I know he's a fucking jerk .... and I'm still sexually frustrated. 
     I really still haven't gotten used to being alone. Thank god I live with my best friend it certainly takes the edge off to have her around.  Still isn't the same as a 3 foot tall angel who needs protected from thunder {Or a lover with beautiful bedroom eyes} but it cushions the blow and I love my "adopted" family.  Also I'm 24 years old and I have a long way to go before I'm gone and still have a lot to learn.  This worlds a mess, already iv been through hell yet there's so much left to learn.
    Stupid girls who don't respect themselves take these things more serious than me ... and you say respect yourselves how? Well dumb ass it has nothing to do with anyone but you .. its the way you think of yourself.  Its allways struck me odd when people say that girl has no self respect {how the hell would you know}.
  So .. Dating to me anymore feels a lot like sticking your hand in the garbage disposal, flipping the switch,  and praying it doesn't eat you alive. Or wait .. eatings not always bad lol

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day aahh humbug . To Megan

      I am not sorry that you will not be my Valentine.  I loved you for a while and it was ok while it lasted, but honestly your a bitch. And not kinda or sorta but a complete bitch. Its been a slow day for me like any day .. this one slightly more boring .. ill probably go out tonight but it wont be with you. And I wont get to play with fake boobs at the end of the night.  But after a few months now of not having to deal with your stupid shit ... I think its a fair trade.