Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stoner Girl Confessional..The Secret To Life

Stoner Girl Confessional..   The Secret To Life.

I'm sorry but I am just me.. .. .. And I never harm anyone but i embrace my freedom too be an individual, and to do the things i want! Now, today the world expects you to keep secrets and act "Normal".... NO WAY . !! Your all crazy Listen to what the smart people said.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”   -Albert Einstein

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
Albert Einstein

"In order to form an immaculate member of a flock of sheep one must, above all, be a sheep." ― Albert Einstein

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." ― Albert Einstein

"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" ― Albert Einstein  My fav Song!!

And i believe in the secret.

  That's a link to it. It is a simple rule i live my life. by. Be happy. Stay positive. And try to do the best for every one.So put a happy song in your heart ... Love.. Leave your heart open to every one and Brake away free ...


Reverse Darwinism .the Secret.

reverse darwinism
a situation in which a less evolved species is better equipped to survive than a more evolved creature
"if you think about it isnt really reverse darwinism, as much as bigger picture darwinism, if you will." -igby goes down

here is a url to a music video :::


ok .. so what i say to you is... come and get high with me and my friends. To the universe ? Why does this lady turn? I dont know. And its not My place to know this nore yours . Look to your Blessings and be thankfull..

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wild and crazy heros WILD BOYS

WILD BOYS with your good old jackass boys allways funny and always having fun ......... my heros ... Keep it up! I hope to hang with them some day ........

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

beauty from the inside

Time ..

so there's a guy name steve .. now steve is paid a lot of money to keep exact time.. now did you know that  if a space shit circles the earth for 10 years , a thousand years has gone by on earth. They have found you could hold a worm hole open by using negative energy. You could allso use a cosmic string and visit your own past.  No matter which way you figure it we arnt able to do it today. But if a person shows up telling you they are your grate grate grate grand daughter don't push them away.

There are certen people in todays world who don't use time at all. They go by life as the moon and sun circle the earth.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

What is a

To constitute my dreams into a firm reality is the goal I hold for myself and I'm slowly filling that jar. Its important  in life to know who you are and what you want . Everything seems to fall into place after that.

Enternal happieness is very important! I believe my religion is within myself. I try my best to create nothing but good karma because not only does that create more good karma, but helps to protect you from demons in your futur. Plus I would just rather be that person associated with a smile than a frown... love and happieness are the key to the univierse.

As the silhouettes fade to black...

Plato spoke of a cave we all lived in , and to be enlightened was like leaving the cave . You would see on the outside what was making the shadows and the lights on the cave wall.. completely diffrent from the way you had first seen them. It is your intire world turned upside down.and nothing is ever realy the same.

The world can be harsh ,iv seen this , and I'm sure you have to. I must tell you now my friend you must take it all lightly . The less drama and negativity you let into your live the more smoothly your tides will wade.
A see a lot of people find it difficult in there busy lifes to just slow down .... Do you slow down?
And man kind needs LOVE! ... now this isn't just reciving .. sure u need to be loved but you also need to love.  And the power of love is amazing! So as I have learned in my life I say to you when your world is crashing down and you have no idea where to turn .. find something to love .. and most importantly learn to love yourself ... no matter what anyone says ... YOU ARE CREATING YOU. Its up to you what who and where you will be ! 

So the fuck what ...

I'm so tiered of these fancy boy band fucks coming across me and in the urban term "hatin" on me . I know how the tattoos look and so the fuck what ... 1 there a work in progress and who are you to judge a masterpiece still being finished! ... 2 and most important ... I have tattoos to preserve memories and to honor people iv lost or love very deeply ...  iv had a very long life and like to put my memories on ink so I can whair them on the outside too.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The male form.....

I have had a lot less expieriance with the male body. Ok don't be a smart ass. I have been practicing the male form. I draw my women how I like to see women and men I do the same. The female body I make curvy and delicate and slightly plump while the mans I like to make firm and tight. So the woman is soft and the man hard brutal muscles ... two very diffrent species. Still I have to tell you I enjoy the idea of being able to create my own men... I think I might draw up my own army .. don't worry ladys I'm a good sharer! Ha ha ha ha ......

And to music....

I could allways find peace in a lovely song. My emotions connect to music and I can allways find the right song for the comfort I need. Coldplay to relax .. blue october or incubus when I'm sad .. or ette james , phebe snow when I feel lost because there's nothing like remember every thing youv been through every one in a while to keep you on a good path.    I have no favorite type or kind. They all seem to have there place and time and emotion in where they fit in perfectly.
ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE: I've allways loved this song! I love the happy earthy tone , and a fantastic melody. I used this song in my daughters and my morning exersizes .. Plus as a hippy mom its fantastic to watch your 3 year old dance to anything .
BACH: I enjoy listening to classical music when I'm painting. I have to say bach is at the top of my list.

BECAUSE OF YOU:  Reba and Kelly. Reminds me of my mother and when directly fallowed by beethoven,  moonlight could bring me to tears. At least puts a heavy burden on my mind.

COME A LITTLE CLOSER BABY ,DIRKS: oh I can tell you what this song reminds me of.... How in love I was once with a big muscler tattooed arm, wraping around my waist. Sometimes smiles pop into my head.. I love to remember my exes smiles . A moment of happieness I shared with my lover. At one time they where my best friend after all that's what a couple is. And I'll Never lie I loved each one of them in there own way.

FANCY: OH Reba ! Ha I like her music she's very talented. This song in particular is very insperational.

UNDER THE BRIDGE: Ok , so, I went out with this guy a couple times ,AWESOME guy. One night he took me to this 80's dance club in Nashville Tn ... on the way home, I layed in the seat my head on his arm and  my bare feet out the window ( heels hurt my feet) and he sang me this song. I don't remember for the life of me if his singing was good or bad, but so what.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Womans liberation not womens labito!

I'm going to be myself and that's who I am to you my friend I say take me with a grain of salt. I have a special respect for those men who can treat me like a person and not an object . Or to those who accept me for who I am and not judge me. I think freely and speak openly which has a shocking effect on most people . But that pretty face has seen a lot and I'm not afraid of what anyone thinks.
I won't dislike you for thinking wrong of me , but I will not respect you.
it is not my place to change you . You are you . And your oppinions are your own to create.. but at the same time. I won't let the world mold me into the buzzing hive of identical bees .. this is not only in branson apperiance but in my art and most importantly inside my own mind.

Friday, December 7, 2012

A means to an ends

I'm in a brand new sparkly lotus right now .. A lot of good the talent god gave me is doing me ... But the music is to loud and its not fun .. Really but its me ... Thousands of people spend years and years in college to learn how to support a the class of life in which they wish to live. I've personally never under stood some of. The classes they make you take (for instance I never used my CPR class when I was tattooing). But I think the things iv learned in life had nothing to do with English 3 or calc 4 .. But human complexity's and how to mold the environment around me into something more suitable for me and what I want. ... It is life that taught me to be so gracefully and it is life and the unfortunate events there in which has taught me to react so calmly to every stressful situation ... It is the events there in that have created such a creature in me that I seek normality in the insanity of others ... I love meeting these new abstract people even thought the situations are often awkward and uncomfortable I must admit I enjoy the epic failure in humanity in general.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snarf snarf (like the thundercats) Fat ass cat

So I call my cat fat ass... yes yes I know but he is realy realy fat ok .... so we got this cat to be the family cat and take care of mice. Some how (not cuz I fed him people food) he became attached to me. Now when I see him I say fat ass I love you. And I do allthought I'm not so much a cat person anymore its nice to have a kindred soul esspecialy when I miss star so much.

Without harming others

As an artist I understand the intensity of passion in my ow way . I'v created in my own life the situations in which I can not only feel and experiance but enjoy lifes emotions . I can and do so responsibly with out harming others.

I try to make sure every choice I make will not harm anyone. Not only are there the reprecusions of karma but its me. I fear not the people I am harming but the harm I would be doing to my own soul.

I also have a huge problem stoping others from harming me ... if I see it come ing and have the chance to stop it .. I simply won't .. its not my place to control another persons free will (  with the exception of those persons in which I have a responsobility in teaching morals) .

I think of it this way . I am minka alexander and when I'm alone in my room that's the only person there is minka. Alone with my thoughts as I work on my art or try to fall asleep and my my memories of the things I have or haven't done will play and I will be the only one who has to answer to my self for the actions I have done. Don't get me wrong I am no where near perfect. I have made my mistakes just like every other human has.  I have also learned from my mistakes ... Not only what not to to but what to do . What to do to keep myself content under any situation without harming others.

I started doing paintings maybe 2 years ago ... it goes pretty well if i buckle down and get some work done