Tuesday, December 20, 2016

how to be a great woman..by minka sati ..a message to my daughters...

You my child are your own universe as every creature is its own universe. You are the sun and the world around you never stops spinning . While you sculpt your milky way, and dancing stars  do it vividly , and form for yourself your own wondrous  laws of nature.  Remember , that while many people will try to teach you the theory's and the perceptions  they had been taught no truth is absolute . Science is basically a magnificent jigsaw puzzle , but each and every piece is capable of fitting perfectly to every other and all connecting at the same time. In this the puzzle is external energy, internal love , constantly changing as all things do , but as the water on our earth it can never diminish, it is always equal, and the secret is the death of conformity , and the the embrace of individuality in every creature. The rejection of difference is the evil of man, and to push a creature to conform to your interests AGAINST THEIR WILL or even though trickery is the most evil of any path.

While you encounter others , your universe must intertwine , even at the moment you smile at a stranger you will never see again , or send a kind note through social media . Some will match your frequency so perfect that the harmony will be euphoric , they call that love. Some will not , as though there universe is spinning counterclockwise , to your clockwise. This my darlings is where your divinity is tested.   You possess the tools to synchronize with them, but you can not force them to convert to your frequency and vice versa. We are each our own spinning universe , and our duty to our species is to dissolve the illusion of ego, and in that fear fades away leaving only a thing you didn’t understand.  It is important that you are able to dismiss the buzz of society and ignore the worlds negative feedback. Hear the words from all mankind, but set up your own beliefs, make up your character and philosophical truths in your own mind . Never be torn between your own heart and soul ,and others ideology, always fallow your heart.
                           Facing hardships in life with honor , courage, kindness , and compassion may go unnoticed by others , but your heart holding onto a secret sacrifice  is far more rewarding. You yourself build the temple that is your sole. A temple you will see everytime you look in the mirror for your entire life. A invisible structure that others CAN see through your every action. Every thought is a brick in your foundation, every action done with honor is a weight supporting beam      A truly honest person does not need to call themselves honest, it is written already in his past. A fire fighter doesn’t save one person and then run down the street screaming I saved a guy Im a hero  , he simply goes back to saving others. 

There are languages universal , not only to our species BUT to all creatures.  

      The world we see , is a world fabricated by slave drivers by evil of greed , by evil built in fear. Dogma is an illusion stacked by resistance to change . But , like Water droplets resist the fall ,it to takes on weight and will eventually be forced on, so will the perceptions that mankind hold.

 Fall into the peace of your mothers words ''power is a selfish illusion of an insecure mind and only letting go of self ,and reaching out in surrender to natures love can save you from that darkness "