Sunday, October 30, 2016

Building a safe sanctuary in america, because our own goverment are the terrorists ..the stealing of children and giving them to pedophiles, killing americans , fema, martial law...

,Im one of the religious leaders , and political face, in my tribe ''Mothers from the stars'' . I came into this world the daughter of upper class monsters, eventually pushed into hiding because I wouldn't shut up and ''leave well enough alone''

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After helping people escape '' LITERALLY SAVING LIVES  '' by teaming up with bikers and hiding people , kidnapping children BACK from pedophiles who call themselves cps , at one point being labeled dangerous even though I am a Buddhist priestesss. Our country has gotten to the point where if you have friends in high places it doesnt actually matter who is right or wrong. Putting money in the right hands can have influence to allow true criminals to get away with murder. "literally''. Even has the consequence of making good people into targets , labeled as ''UNTRUSTWORTHY '' simply because of the fear the corrupt have of being ''found out''.
While American citizens are fully aware that our police officers can't be trusted, and are literally ignoring our civil AND HUMAN  rights , WE ALSO know that they have been ordered to insight civil unrest. We see thousands off American families wrongly torn apart by cps and know its because of a law passed by a pedophile,. And are still being used, knowing its wrong, simply because of the money they get from destroying lifes. We are right now watching our government fill mislabeled concentration camps with homeless citizens , but I also know that the funds actually claimed for homeless people was being used to pad greedy pockets and rarely used on the actual homeless. For instance take a look at Haiti.

DRIVING down the street is dangerous, walking out our front door is dangerous, and now sitting in our own home  is dangerous.  
However our unregistered tribe of Robbin hood like do-gooders has been slowly growing and its because evil is in power. Millions of American citizens are suffering deeply in the same country we claim as the leaders of the free world.

The solution formed by our tribe is actually quite simple, by building a multicultural self sustaining reservation we can create a safe environment FOR EVERYONE. A vigilant community needs no protection from itself, because every member looks out for every other, all for one and one for all WILL work, especially since we all understand the consequences of so called ''LAW ENFORCEMENT '' that ignores some crime , while planting other crimes.
If some rights are protected yet others ignored they are no longer rights ...
.... they are privileges.

A self sustaining community, that can supply its own food, in its own gardening and livestock give a whole new meaning to organic, having open access to a live garden also means equality in health as no one will have to sacrifice healthy choices because of financial issues.
Also understanding that community kitchens ran in individual communities not only strengthen the community itself but connects the entire reservation , even promoting different cultures to interact ,share , learn about and understand each other.

Most importantly the concept of. " work force'' is exactly that , forced work, and that's no accident. To survive the American concepts of society today we are forced to work long hours for minimum pay, constantly changing us for more and more utilities and turning freedoms and even necessities for our very survival  into privileges. This is also not an accident ,the American dollar is worth less and less outside of the us , but NO INSIDE THE USA, meaning they could be paying out more making American families more secure, but they dont because your labor is worth more than your liberty .
However, on a reservation, off grid power, water, and other needs are a cooperative effort the slave force ..., oops ,''work force'' is not really needed.
A cooperative effort in building cob houses redefines equal opportunity, and introduces comfort and trust from fellowships and honor rarely found in this day in age.

As a reservation and sanctuary,
Military, and law enforcement have no jurisdiction inside the reservation, and all decisions of important issues will be made by the entirety of the members residing there.
This may seem like an unlawful ideal , but simple concept of power given to one group of people who are to rile , and force ideas on another group of people is in itself an example of the opposite of freedom.
Most discrimination against class , race , and social set are openly practiced and create dehumanization which is in itself a travesty to our species, but I and other tribe ,members plan to reside in the reservation in homes and communities of the same value and features as everyone else . Because the Idea that a  organized peacekeeping community needs a ringmaster with a sparkly hat is as silly a concept as he smoked that joint but did not inhale. So we wont make that claim and we will not ask you to live in denial.  
While it is the very nature of my tribe to be 100% invisible, untraceable and unidentifiable some will reside in the reservation, and I myself plan to do so as well.  

Meaning that in the occurrence of martial law, or the activities of a corrupt police force we will protect ourselves with our own militia.

Every human being has the right to sanctuary, life , liberty, and the pursuit of happiness .
Our people DO NOT feel safe,
And rightfully so!
An American citizen can be arrested , and jailed without even committing a crime ,yet the law says innocent until proven guilty.

Citizens are told ignorance of the law is no excuse for braking the law, but police officers use ignorance of the law to excuse wrong doing. For a citizen to mislead an officer its a crime , but cops are ''taught'' and ''encouraged'' to trick and lie to citizens.
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