Thursday, June 25, 2015

dakini .. strong words the truth about life i think everyone should hear

                                 The devils whore?
                             or an angle Sacred?


Dakini... from the side of the guru guru

           My Quest: happiness , love , expectance, and understanding not just for me but all man kind.
                    To this world made for men ,A strong wise woman is a threat to there very way of life. To the Christians a tantric Buddhist priestess is nothing but a whore. The path to becoming a Priestess (or guru) is cold lonely and harsh ...So why even chose this path?
                I'm not thinking of the price I have to pay. I think of all of you and the suffering and I know its worth every blister and every drop of blood. The product in a nut shell ..Is that I can lead others to the state of nirvana. To REALLY help people.
                As I started this quest it was simply because I had lost all faith . I can honestly say I lost god. How could I not?
                  I didn't want my life to fall into a pattern like everyone else . I wanted to make my own pattern. I wanted to find a better way. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over ,than life and the world and the people in it , are all insane. Because history always repeats itself.

     My husband died after a week in a coma( I never left his side until they rolled him to the morgue). I thought life was hard before that ,but with the only one who ever protected me was lying there lifeless ,and now gone completely . Its like a nightmare you never wake up from. My children were snatched out of my arms before I was even out of my teens. Not because I was a bad mother simple because someone else (with more money than me) wanted to be there mother. I spent years and thousands of trips across this country, still my beautiful daughters are kept just out of my reach.I have been used and broken in every way you can imagine ,and it all seemed to get worse and worse. Once a person goes down with a mud slide its impossible to stop yourself much less climb back up.
  Even more, the arms reaching to save me where coming from sinking boats. Why the hell would I listen to a miserable person tell me how to be happy?
      So, here I stand gripping the truth like a hard jagged stone on the top of a mountain, like if I where to jerk to hard I may slip and fall back into a sea of destruction.
                   I don't pretend to know everything, in fact I don't know much about a lot of things.
                    However there are a few things I know better than anything.      I know about life , love , and happiness.

         I searched long and hard to find this thing like god. What I found was a place of peace in Zen Buddhism. I found comfort in these teaching ,in the wisdom and the romance. So since I wish to save the world ,and strongly believe that means saving the people in it , I want to share with everyone my own beliefs.

                  I don't expect you to fallow me blindly . I expect to rise a fire inside you . I want you to stop listening to Everyone and start thinking for yourself.

             Don't get lost in the fight between good and evil. It was never a fight , the answer has been in front of you the whole time.




             How can I expect my daughters to be amazing young women if I am not amazing. I want to be better than my mother . I want my daughters to be better than me, but this is a cold hard world and I have still yet to concur it.

                   What I have concurred is my own mind, and that's the worst part of the battle.
                At the start, don't worry a perfect mind is somewhere between complete order and complete insanity.

  Keep your heart and mind open.  You cant do spring cleaning without slinging open every door and every window.

          Find your sanctuary. Doesn't have to be a church or a monastery . A sanctuary is a safe calm  comfortable place where you can process thought.

           Lastly Do not fear Enlightenment
             The most powerful epiphany.
Concentrated energy driven to the answer to a question, will surely make the answer a miracle of shinning light.

The point of exacted awesomeness in the realization of pure truth (an answer so simply divine) you could taste it on your lips like a dish you once craved as a child and just at this moment captured.




Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Iowa Tribe pow Wow june 20


           These are pictures from the Iowa Tribe Pow Wow just out side Perkins Oklahoma ....

Being thwe gypsy girl I am spending countless hours stringing beads of coarse the beaded artwork caught my eye ... and it was breath takeing..

How to survive discrimination in 2015

                Hello to my fellow sufferers ..


                     Welcome to reality !
     We have in a monument in our capital a declaration of independence. A piece of paper our forefathers used to wright down the idea of what this country should be. However, today in this country we use them more like basic guidelines, and the actual laws are so complicated(and so many) that not even the men who right them know (even half of) them.

       This declaration of independence was created to declare independence from those who force us into there idea of reality. Then we fought tooth and nail to keep that independence ,but now its gone.

                       Our freedom has been diminished to nothing. We now are in worse shape than we where before the whole ordeal. But why?

             We try to teach our children we are all created equally, or do we?

                      Discrimination is caused by hate ,which is caused by fear. Fear passed down from generation to generation becomes stronger and stronger, Until finally it becomes a monster far out of anyone's control. The monster can not be reasoned with, and leaves behind him a bloody aftermath worse than any hurricane.

                      So how do we survive this terrible monster? How do we teach our children to even cope with life when the reality of our world is that (no matter  what eventually ) they will have to deal with the cold hard hate that one human can bestow upon another?

                I'm going to tell you ...LOVE. Yes ,I know in the social community today "love" is seen as a corny hippy notion. We see love as a weakness when in fact it is our strength.

                 Our world today only believes in something solid, something we can hold in our hands, see, touch, feel. So. we dismiss love, we try to completely discard the notion. In some cases we even tuck our tail in and run, like a scared puppy.

                   Without love a human being can not survive. Love is the glue holding our soles into our bodies. Love heals ,and nourishes our minds. Love inspires and empowers us. Yet, we still have a problem grasping it. This is because love also (when backed by fear) can completely destroy us. We know that love given and not returned causes unbelievable pain. So, we run from love, and hide our own love(unfortunately sometimes under a mask of hate or violence).

                      We (the world) simply revolves around the supreme power of love. We tell ourselves that a balance is required between love and hate. We tell ourselves not to love. We even teach our children through our own actions to rebuke love.

It's time again for a revolution. We can not clam to want world peace while we use brute force to control the lives of others. 
We know our governmental system is not only out of control , but like the slaves of ancient Egypt our society is controlled by a select group. We all honestly believe that politics are best left to these certain types of men, and the ideals of our government are far over the head of the common man. Then they use the media to scare us ,into whatever they want us to do.
COME ON PEOPLE!! This country was built for us to escape this very system.
Take back your own opinion. when you listen to anyone anywhere don't take it in blindly ,use your brain.
If you only knew how beautiful the world would be ,if ,instead of teaching fear and hate we taught love and acceptance.
We have to face the things our parents taught us and ask ourselves .Do I really want to make the same mistakes my father and mother have, and there father and mother befor them?
I don't think you do... I know I don't...
Our fear has GOT to be extinguished.
Without the fear of our enemies and rivals there will be nothing left to hate.
With nothing left to hate, there will be nothing left to discriminate agents.
Once we have stopped discrimination , we will truly all be created equal ((in each others eyes))
And only when we are equal , will our enemy's be our friend.
I know that the concept is alien to us. Like most things we don't understand, or like things that go agents the grain of the life that we are used to ,we will try to reject it.
We can not change the world until we change the minds of the people in it.
To save our world, to save us all, we must take the current ideals and concepts apart completely and start over fresh.


Sunday, March 29, 2015

          What I hope  you take from my blog is not a how to (conquer ) or a what's going on with me . What I hope you take from me is faith ... not faith in my or your god or from the world ... but faith in yourself ... faith that the world or a god doesn't write your fate or who you are ... you wright who you are .

                                                   You have a chance to completely change who you are ... not just one ... but an infinite amount of times ... every second of every day you live belongs to you ... and only you ... Be who YOU are ... don't stop at the door the drugs or the lies lead you to ... this is a world of new ... this is a country where wrong does it anyway ... so why not reach for the stars ... you'll land on the moon ...

                                       Who are the people questioning you ... it doesn't matter ............. its not god ... god never asked "do you really think you can?"  
    AND even if he asked me I would always say yes ... or ill die trying .. because I do as I like and although I may not make it with the most .. with the top of the line I make ... where I want with what I want ... because .. I am ... I am ..

               I am no one .. just a little girl ....

                               ... a little girl with a lot of faith ...

                            faith in nothing .... faith all by its self

                       I can not stop ... I Will not give in ... because I am in love with beauty ,and ...

                                  beauty is ..... life ... grass ...

              while im sleeping under that tree in Chattanooga Tn I see a new tomorrow

                                   while I was snowed into that bus station in kanas city mo ... fighting
                         tooth and nail with some (wannabe) gangster lmfao (yah a hole I said it)

                                     I fly free ( I cant sit still )( they cant lock me in a basement)
                                            there are things I (you) haven't seen ....


Monday, March 2, 2015

Birdy , what of a gypsy mother ,too in love with the whole minka alexander


     Lets think for a minute like the world is a ocean . a huge mass of nothing but open water . You are all swimming about .. some have ships .. some have life boats some have nothing just fight and swim until eventually the tide takes you under .

      I however am a bird .. gracefully drifting over... I set my wings on fire and try to let the light lead you back to the surface. I dive in to the water over and over again ...swimming amongst your drowning souls' I whisper ...{ You can fly} but no one hears me . Some of you try to grab a hold of my wings and pull me down .. and as I would love to pull you to the sky I am heart broken that I can not ...

I let my heart guide me far away from home .. from shore to shore .

                                 Some People ask me .. are you not  afraid to hitch hike ? to travel all alone ? afraid ?
  afraid?  afraid?   


       My fears are that I will waste my life .. more so that my daughters will never realize how amazing they are and they will never know the beauty and happiness I have.

                                                        To stay in the same place ...
                                          to hide in a house day and night alone where no one ever enjoys me....
                       To give up the fight for my happiness .....
                                         to let go of my dreams ...
                               to leave this world without my daughters close to me ...
                                                     And ... The inability to save the entire world...


                              I hear you saying it ... you cant save the whole world minka ...

Excuse me?!?    YOU !! YOU cant ... I CAN!!! I do what I want

         I do whatever the fuck I want to do . and if that scares you or makes you uncomfortable I don't care ..Iv always been this way.. I wont let the meanest gangster in the world scare me .. ill stand toe to toe with a lion and roar... ill fly over mountains oceans and cities like the free bird I am ...

                                                                                                               minka alexander
                                                                                                                       the gypsy ranch