Friday, August 8, 2014

Colorado Adventure... july 29th- aug 8 ... 2014 ...

My name is Minka Alexander and this is my blog about nothing . A blog about nothing and  a blog about me .. the reason I started this blog was because I wanted to keep a record of my crazy life for my self and my daughters .
I am in fort Collins Colorado . Its the end of July . Im sitting on the edge of a river bank iv been sitting on all day . I wish I had a photographic memory because the things I see I can not take with me. I can and will add a picture to this page, but it wont quite bring this place back .
The river is up rom the night before and the air is thin. however thin still filled with the smell of Colorado foliage . The sun drops bend up and slowly the shade turns to shadow . The sound of rushing water echoes across jagged rocks . the sound rushes straight through my head. Like a steam roller on pavement, the stream goes over my brain and soothes out the wrinkles.
the combination of the cool breeze , Icy river floating at my feet, and the northern lights in my pipe, makes gives these majestic mountain a healing effect.
August first we drive across the long endless valley from Fort Collins to Frasier Colorado. Just as it seems that the valley will stretch on forever the land molds back into mountains.  
It reminds me of the mountains in the Dr.Suess book Oh the Places you'll Go.
It is so easy to forget simplicity.
For what ever reason I am here
I will never know the reason.
Big or small it just is.
Whats the meaning of life?
Who says you get to ask questions?
There is no answer.
It just is. Something about the human mind. It ,is, unsettled without the since of order. Our hearts are not satisfied without closer .
Something we think we need or deserve can in-fact be very unhealthy.
We are not supposed to know the answer.

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