Friday, August 16, 2013

Minka Alexander Diary entry july 2013 -august 16th Memoirs of the American Gypsy :chapter 2 The higher power . the all seeing eye.

Its not you . You are not the all seeing eye.

   You are however the center of your own universe. This is true with every human being weather there a millionaire or a homeless lost soul. no one can jump inside another persons mind and see the exact truths. Your universe spins around you your head the axis and that is your world . so how many separate worlds and universes are there on the face of the earth . All spinning at there own speed , in there own direction. Under the ozone layer there all a wonderland of decadence to rich to share and so hidden away in the center under rock, and soil , and life , and  clouds . .. The only one who sees this secret place is you and the higher power . Some call it karma others call it god .. what ever his name is , i know that he is there.


        So how do you telll? How do i know? By the blessings he has given me , every this i have , every thing i am ... is a gift from god .... a miracle in its self , and i keep in my heart the most powerful thing in the world . faith

Minka Alexander Diary entry july 2013 -august 16th Memoirs of the American Gypsy :chapter1 Before

 Memoirs of the American Gypsy

The world can be a cold hard place it can chew you up and spit you out . It can also turn upside down and open up for you letting your dreams rain on you .  I wouldn't suggest the roads iv taken to just anyone. however i can give you a front row seat to the memories .


Giving birth(i can tell you from experience) is a painful end-ever .  But being reborn in to the cold grasp of reality and onto a higher plain is even more painful . it is not just a physical pain ,but an emotional and mental pain. you can not love unconditionally until you have felt the torture and pain of losing a perfect love,and yearned to have it back with every fiber of your being .
You can not sacrifice yourself until you have given up everything.
No lie is worth the words as they are spoken so hold your tongue, 
To rejoice in calamity makes a soul evil, a good heart would seek peace for even its enemy's. 

I'm sorry if my blunt truths hurt you I will not cushion the blows to fixate for you a more comfortable reality. I fear that you as my fellow brothers and sisters deserve the truth. the real stories of the American underworld. Told by the fly on the wall.   



As a teenager who raised herself I was a lone wolf .  No one protected me . No one cushioned the blows of humanity for me . I was on my own and constantly on my guard as my life has always been a war. In this time those that resented me booby  trapped my life. Every step i took was onto another eggshell as to not wake the dragons and demons who could drag me from my path and drown me in the sticky nasty swamp land created by the evil in there soul...

... in the start I did not know anything,not what i wanted, not who i was , All i knew was escape . Escape from the world i was trapped in. That world driven by selfishness and greed,. my heart ached from a deep place , I survived ,this long, surely by the grace of god .

 I started young and traveled over most of America , before i was even old enough to drive. I could easily find a home ,in any city, where i felt more comfortable in than the home i started out. I was pushed and pulled and bounced around like a rubber bouncy ball ,from Washington to Florida or Cali to Maine and everywhere in between. Gray hound was like my big brother who carried me like a wounded bird whos heart is strong and is onto the next adventure . I have always been so much different than everyone else . Some say strange , some say just crazy , but who really cares. Go on and judge me and ill get to heaven before you will.
   Im strong as cast iron , sweet as honey and stubborn as a mule . My heart is loyal and my mind is honest.