Saturday, April 13, 2013

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omg hey you guys ... its a POT RACK  lmfao!!!
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Explosive Sex: The Best Sex You'll Ever Have  

Explosive Sex: The Best Sex You'll Ever Have (Google Affiliate Ad)

Explosive Sex: The Best Sex You'll Ever Have
With specially commissioned photographs and step-by-step positions, "Explosive Sex!" is your passport to an exciting and adventurous sex life. This candid approach to lovemaking will push you to new peaks of ecstasy as you learn all about how to truly satisfy each other through new and stimulating erotic moves and ideas. The first stage of the sexual adventure begins with your mind - the more you know about your own repertoire of responses and that of your partner, the greater the ability to provide and receive pleasure. Advice is given on how to tell your partner what you want, shed your inhibitions and discover your sexual personality type. There is a chapter on foreplay that offers techniques for getting in the mood, as well as ways to reach fulfillment without penetration. The main section of the book, on sex positions, leads you through penetrative sex sequences, with variety at the top of the agenda! The book finishes with a Carte du Jour - a glossary of terms and techniques to incorporate into your daily lovemaking. Hardcover: 128 pages

'What's Your Sex I.Q.?' DVD Game'What's Your Sex I.Q.?' DVD Game (Google Affiliate Ad)

Best Scenes from Girl Interrupted

this is a 17min video that pretty much speeds up the movie ..  check it out

ha ha but ill survive .. and remember .. no mater how foolish i EVER SOUNDED .. AT LEAST I SOUNDED OFF..

so lets see .. im not fallowing the same rules you are ... i dont care how you feel about that ..

         YOU  dont worry about my tomorrow ... Ive got that on lock and well its none of your fuckn business .... 

       have i hurt you? did i offend you? GET FUCKING OVER IT ... put on your fucking big boy (and or girl{i dont judge man}) pants .. 

      so what? who are you ? .. at least ill jot down what im thinking so im looking back at all my memories ... hmm i loved the wrong people too much i guess .. trusted the wrong people ... but ill survive .. and remember .. no mater how foolish i EVER SOUNDED  .. AT LEAST I SOUNDED OFF.. Photo


i love you ...

good job

Friday, April 12, 2013

To Oklahoma ......

I love this place .. the people here are awesome .. ill miss my friends .. my ADOPTED family lol ..
   ill be back .. believe me .. youe love for me has built a black hole in the center of Oklahoma ... ill be sucked back here .. flat begin land .. full of broken unloved lovely romantics ... i will miss you ..

To my TEEN GIRLS im here to .. fuck them all .. lifes here for you .. think of tommarow

So what do we got here?
                 A FUCKING MESS  all these stupid things pilling up .. but trust me .. well at least i think ... it wont make a tumor in your brain ..

      No one knows who you are or what you "realy" want .. but you .. no man can fix you ... no person can even "build" you .. but you ..

          Parents think they know it all .. even when they dont .. but give them the respect they need .. because trust me they have been through hell for you already because they love (even if they dont understand right now)


what about us ... who have no happy place?

  So i guess i should explane this .. i was babysitting and i got fired .. and i called around asking my friends for part time work .. FOR THE MOST PART this little girl whos child i was babysitting .. had tried to black label me .. she had spread a few lies about me and through out the day i became more and more depressed .. most of my dead ends , where added with some sad kid who wanted to see me again . A few times i couldnt even find the adults. 


  So in this world i find myself in , there is nothing left to do but give up ... 


    dont wory 


 Its in a good way i guess ... i HAVE  to give up every thing i have ... everything i know .. for a greater good ... 

 but .... and this is deffinatly where you fall mike bird ...... 


RIGHT? i have no love left. GOD PLEASE GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO STAND BACK UP! One more and ill be gone! !!NO!! IM TO FUCKING STUBBORN FOR THAT ! I loved yours cuz you fuckn left her ... and you wanna black label me for that  FUCK YOU BITCH  .... you left your GOD DAMNED BABY !!! that {in my fucking book is the worst you can do } and i stuck my head out and cared for her and you wanna black label me ???? well fuck you .... all i did is love .... its all i ever do ...... and i hope your happy in your piece of shit life where you reach out to your druggy boys and they hurt you ... cuz phill .. he realy fuckn loved you .. like a real man .. and you through him away like he wasn't worth your fuckn time ... so  BURN IN FUCKN HELL ..

yup .. you have got me wrong

 So you know Cj ... i love her ... i lover lilly like i love my own ... i love lilly like .. i love you ASHLEY  MOORE.. and michel and kevens kids even the one that didnt like jello .. and you CASEY JONES ... AND ANNA ... AND MARRIA AND STACIE MARKIS AND ELIZABETH MARKIS AND RACHEL TELLER.. AND MY BUBBA AND MY OMG MY CANDY CANE...  I LOVED ALL OF YOU  ....

         I miss you i wish there was a world when i could have stayed and been there for you .......

        I HONESTLY NEVER LEFT BECAUSE OF YOU  ... in a perfect world i could have never gone ... but life sucks .. and WHEN you read this ... im STILL here ... i STILL LOVE you ..... and you should reach out to me ... i need you too babies ....

All that is left...

    Think of all the beauty left around you and be happy -Anne Frank

Anne frank wasnt a philosopher , just a scared little girl. Her life was coined along with her heart and sole and we read it today not because of the years she spent in college but the way she conveyed her emotions to us Emily Dickenson all so gave her emotions to us as she locked herself away in her room. ALL ALONE.

  I think the entire world is afraid of something and those fears create mayhem for everyone , and its not very hard to find yourself caught in the cross fire. Im afraid of this now the most. People don't seem to want to rationalize the choices they make. ..

$50 to smell like a hippy???

no realy check this out
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        How fun .. wanna know a secret ... you should WANT to smell like a hippy lmfao

Punk Boy Punk Rock Design keepsake box

 Punk Boy Punk Rock Design Keepsake Box
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sarah Lois Vaughan (March 27, 1924 – April 3, 1990) was an American jazz singer, described by Scott Yanow as having "one of the most wondrous voices of the 20th century."[1]
Nicknamed "Sailor" (for her salty speech),[2] "Sassy" and "The Divine One", Sarah Vaughan was a Grammy Award winner.[3] The National Endowment for the Arts bestowed upon her its "highest honor in jazz", the NEA Jazz Masters Award, in 1989.[4]


Sarah Vaughan - Come Rain Or Come Shine



Sarah Vaughan "Misty"

a late night


Sunday, April 7, 2013

THE FUTURE WILL FLY ...and i will glide

Imagination is a powerful thing ... Create things that no one else has seen ... millions of ideas .. begin and evaporate every day and everyone inside the world is scarred of the technology that not only they hold but the technology of the future.  .. i think we have had a lot of knowledge that we haven't used yet because the rest of us can't handle the amount of change that is shooting toward us ...

I am not araid of the world my grandchildren will show me ... i am ready for the amazing things that are coming our way!! Are the rest of you?  NO!!! the world that is today cant even handle me obviously ..

   Im sorry if it is insulting but if you cant handle one little punk rock girl how the  HELL are you going to be able to understand  the world as it will be in the future .

    I wish to be the leaf in the wind ! .. although the wind blows the leaf feels no shame as it floats along ...