Thursday, April 4, 2013

Honestly .. you cant fight me ... i feel clean hateful i just wanna know the truth about every THING . . find the  truth...... think hard ..... life sucks for all of us man just keep trying .. no! how about this! the truth ...i love my babies more than anything .. id give my own life! Not just one, but every day for the rest of my life . I love my babies like nothing other and the world stolen from me when they where stolen was every thing .. all i ever cared about was those little girls and the fact that i work as a baby sitter reminds me i will NEVER  give up on them ... My path ahead of me is long and if you know me you know im very unhealthy .. but  no way I AM A STRONG LOVING WOMAN AND I WANT MY BABIES  i never gave them away !! i never left them ..  YES  im only 24 but ill tell you this im a grown ass woman and i want my FUCKN BABYS  !!!!!!  Its my job to protect them from reality and i love them more than life itself ..  I don't know how im going to fight the demon that stole them but ill DYE!!!! BEFORE I LET THEM GO