Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 27 2013

Tomorrow is the last day of February on my 25 th year of life. I'm going to remember this day not in seconds or minutes, but opps phone call ... sorry about that .. perhaps the thing I'm trying to explain is my complication of over thinking things has me constantly reminding myself that the meaning of life in its entirety to me is the happiness of not only myself but my loved ones .. as it is life is good.. so why overthink all these insignificant thing's.  Perhaps as a way to still please but more people.  As though there lifes at all effect mine. In fact I am trying to find ways to infact impact on other people's life's in a positive way. As time goes by it seems I try to go out of my way to even ignore negative people entirely as there effect on my life makes it difficult for me to show love toward them