Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to know when your an "OG" .. When its all over how will your existence have affected the world you left behind?


Before I start you should know im anti violence .. im sweet like honey , and passive .. most of the worlds population is straight up bitch ass niggas.. to you .. say what you want .. I don't have time for your shit. 
And why ?

So this is my life.. every time I start out on another road less traveled by , the enemy turns it into a dead end.  However they haven't counted on my ability to take a million punches and stand right back up . It doesn't matter what you do to me , Ill be right back, Im like the plague Bitch you cant get rid of me.   As soon as they think im gone .. POOF HERE I AM AGAIN  all .. up .. in your .. shit .. .. My old enemies will tell you the last thing you wanna do is test me..
.. I mean I walk straight up to a mob of red necks rollen 18 deep, 9mo pregnant and scraped .
My 2nd husband thought he would run around at night speedin his mind up and come home and "put this bitch in her place. fuck no it didn't happen like that .. I would stand toe to toe with that crazy eyed mother fucker and box... Because im nobodys bitch.
My 3rd husband was a hurting artist , sexy , but when he was drunk it was straight up black out violence , I watched him beat the shit out of his own momma , women have always been addicted to him and I fell right in to . And when the time came, I showed him im not to be fucked with too.
May,2012 I finished a gig (singing blues) in okc .. a sexy guy mid 20s offered to buy me a drink and ask if I wanted to go to a different bar. His fancy escalade DID NOT  go to another bar .. He tried his luck at over powering me .."to take it" .. I left him in the graveyard  he tried his luck in and drove his pretty blue whip to the closest 7'11 .. with his clothes still in the back seat.
   No .. Im not joking ... if you had seen the things id seen .. and been through what Id been through .. you would be long gone already ....                                            Megan ..             She says I changed , she says where there used to be carefree happiness behind my eyes its empty and it scares her .. what do you expect...
well your better off than my first megan I had for a gf .. she died bitch, and I fuckn watched , so kiss my ass and keep gold diggen from your 78 year old bf, nobody needs you for shit but fuckn. Just one more stone cold bitch who has no talent except for your sexy , put it back in the box honey I don't give a fuck.I got a million more just like you. Any sexy Bitches wanna free tattoo? .. see ha
I Love relentlessly, because that's the best way to do it . I live differently , and where you think I am heartless I am just strong not cold.
When its all over how will your existence have affected the world you left behind? .. I have had this unbelievable weight on me since I was 14 and watched my best friend(the ONLY person who loved me) die .. and again as I watched mike lie on his death bed .. I don't care a bit about the benefits I get from others .. but the thing I leave with them as I go .. to me .. the love for man kind is much more important... this makes me a easy target I know .. but at the same time makes me dangerous to the worlds evil ,because with that much love, its almost imposable to shoot an arrow through angel wings.

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