Friday, August 16, 2013

Minka Alexander Diary entry july 2013 -august 16th Memoirs of the American Gypsy :chapter 2 The higher power . the all seeing eye.

Its not you . You are not the all seeing eye.

   You are however the center of your own universe. This is true with every human being weather there a millionaire or a homeless lost soul. no one can jump inside another persons mind and see the exact truths. Your universe spins around you your head the axis and that is your world . so how many separate worlds and universes are there on the face of the earth . All spinning at there own speed , in there own direction. Under the ozone layer there all a wonderland of decadence to rich to share and so hidden away in the center under rock, and soil , and life , and  clouds . .. The only one who sees this secret place is you and the higher power . Some call it karma others call it god .. what ever his name is , i know that he is there.


        So how do you telll? How do i know? By the blessings he has given me , every this i have , every thing i am ... is a gift from god .... a miracle in its self , and i keep in my heart the most powerful thing in the world . faith

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