Sunday, April 7, 2013

The strange love ..THE POWER OF AWE... be ready!

Patience has its advantages .. if you fight hard for the things you love if you give it your all even when there's no reward ! The earth and the universe will reward you in simply the things your sole needs..... I don't have the things you do and i may never ... but do i care?            NO!

    I have the things that my sole craves the love the understanding ... the simple reach from a stranger to tell me how much magnificence i bring to there lives ....

    I call it the power of AWE  awesome .. how selflessly you brought your love into my life and then ... like a star fades from the sky I am gone.. but in the time i am there in YOUR life i want you to feel i brought you something you couldn't  get from any where else.
     If you only care about the amount you GET? THEN WHO WILL LOVE YOU WHEN YOUR GONE ...


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