Sunday, April 7, 2013

THE FUTURE WILL FLY ...and i will glide

Imagination is a powerful thing ... Create things that no one else has seen ... millions of ideas .. begin and evaporate every day and everyone inside the world is scarred of the technology that not only they hold but the technology of the future.  .. i think we have had a lot of knowledge that we haven't used yet because the rest of us can't handle the amount of change that is shooting toward us ...

I am not araid of the world my grandchildren will show me ... i am ready for the amazing things that are coming our way!! Are the rest of you?  NO!!! the world that is today cant even handle me obviously ..

   Im sorry if it is insulting but if you cant handle one little punk rock girl how the  HELL are you going to be able to understand  the world as it will be in the future .

    I wish to be the leaf in the wind ! .. although the wind blows the leaf feels no shame as it floats along ...

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