Saturday, April 13, 2013

Explosive Sex: The Best Sex You'll Ever Have... Awesome book $16.95

Explosive Sex: The Best Sex You'll Ever Have  

Explosive Sex: The Best Sex You'll Ever Have (Google Affiliate Ad)

Explosive Sex: The Best Sex You'll Ever Have
With specially commissioned photographs and step-by-step positions, "Explosive Sex!" is your passport to an exciting and adventurous sex life. This candid approach to lovemaking will push you to new peaks of ecstasy as you learn all about how to truly satisfy each other through new and stimulating erotic moves and ideas. The first stage of the sexual adventure begins with your mind - the more you know about your own repertoire of responses and that of your partner, the greater the ability to provide and receive pleasure. Advice is given on how to tell your partner what you want, shed your inhibitions and discover your sexual personality type. There is a chapter on foreplay that offers techniques for getting in the mood, as well as ways to reach fulfillment without penetration. The main section of the book, on sex positions, leads you through penetrative sex sequences, with variety at the top of the agenda! The book finishes with a Carte du Jour - a glossary of terms and techniques to incorporate into your daily lovemaking. Hardcover: 128 pages

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