Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bravery isn't the absence of fear , but acting in SPITE of it ...


     My name is Minka Alexander. I keep my diary as a public blog .Not just for me but for all of you. For everyone who is, has or wants to give up on there dream. Don't!
          I am an Artist, A philosopher , and a free spirit , but most importantly im a mother! ... My dreams all lie far far... far .. beyond my reach.  There fire ,flame , and mountains taller than the sea is deep, separating me from what i truly desire. However, I will not let anything stand between me and what i truly desire.  I give to the universe a true honest heart, and although i make my mistakes like humans do, I am but a gentle messenger of peace .. in a rough wrapper. Seen as the villain I can only watch the rest of them run in blind stupidity from a creature they do not know.
             How do you face the demon of adversity on this world? With bravery and patience.  Bravery i would like to remind you isn't the absence of fear , but acting in SPITE of it ...and patience because the world is what it is and you cant change it .. only flow with it .

         Am i Scared? Fuck yeah im Scared! .. Im about to leave the comfort of my home to go thousands of miles away where i know no one ,.. then to fight a legal battle that impacts the rest of my life.  Will I let that stop me? I wont let the devil himself keep me from my girls! Thats a promise ,but not to my readers , to my self and most importantly my daughters. Einstein's theory of relativity,on space and time , leave me to a great self philosophy .. you can run from me .. you can hid from me .. but you can't stop the inevitable . Karma shale be my worrier and the court room judge my sword.


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