Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tonights Memories.. by minka Alexander

The figures in the night glow . My eyes see to a level of black light neon it is the misty mask my imagination casts on the world , , but only tonight , , like some groovy sunglasses(bought at the 5 and dime ) in a amazing shade of  avatar tie die.

       I go to the local bars...  bars ... Mice! stuck in an unending loop ... a maze! they all run blindly through..They look at me like im a alien .. im not strange ! im coming in with a open mind and a clean loving heart ... i am not speaking in tongues .! I am speaking clean clear English! I am American! I am unique , and i don't care who sees it !  So many hush you out as you grow . And so many of us lie to our self's to give yourself peace ... STOP! .... Loook through these useless lies . who do you wanna be ? who do you wanna be with ? what do you wanna do? ... your life is your own masterpiece !! Make it as you dream...!

        So as to say the world now for me is boring. I don't miss the drama but i do miss the passion .. However i guess for me one is not worth the other. Good luck to all you mice! Good luck not hurting when you heart , and or pride  are placed on the line ... and most importantly I would like to wish you luck in finding true for me
omg lmfao i lost my lighter and panicked like .. wtf god? why!?! but i found matches so disaster avoided.


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