Sunday, March 10, 2013

continued =The Pursuit of Happiness ....

The Pursuit of Happiness ....

              I will be leaving may 15th to go to Georgia . I have to leave everything i have behind in order to fight for my daughters. My home will always be hear waiting for me . and some of my work i can take with me.. Honestly i wish i could have left sooner . im very excited to get this under way .
            Soon i will be posting blogs from citys headed east on a desprite search for justice. I want to make it clear I am in no way searching for myself... Im not leaveing my home searching for adventure. I am in fact doing what i should have done a long time ago . I am standing up for myself and fighting for whats mine.
     My mother sits high on her horse collecting money from my girls, convinceing her richy southern babtist family and friends of how I the crazy little punk rock girl am parting it up over here.
         I will stop at nothing to to have my girls returned to me, and in the eyes of the law I have done nothing wrong and there rightful place is with me. Wish me luck

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