Monday, March 11, 2013

The indifference of good men.

     Is it so hard to tell the difference between right and wrong?  I believe in no way does religion make a difference or should race.I try with much effort to let people make there own choices , but here lately I have been forced to adapted my philosophy's to allow special "exceptions" . 
          I in all ..I Am  glad to take on these tasks (I even more so noticed a trust I have inside myself ,for myself). 
          I love very openly. Some of my friends show a honest concern for some of my choices .I dont put myself or others in harm , but I just can't leave that dirty black crow alone with its broken wing. Children are my biggest weakness .  
        My history with older men has placed me in the "house wife" position most of my life. As a tattoo artist ,mind you, its necessary to obtain a general "fuck you I can kick your ass" look . Generaly this works ok until someone hears me talk as I have one of those "power puff girl" voices . Lol yeah realy .
  So In all maybe my bad girl look could be to balance out . I  know that as I have grown as a person I am defiantly stronger than I look, but on the inside .

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