Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is love?

What is love? These days people think its so hard to find love. Is it? Love is simply infatuation ,and a relationship is created when you combined infatuation,trust, respect,and loyalty. I would like to reach out my hand to you .. yes you right there. .. and simply say i love you ... i trust you .. i respect you .. and i will be loyal to you ... I stay open to the universe because i never know when someone is hurting and human beings are volcanic and a complete anomaly, each one .. but every creature needs love to survive. I feel a passion for the broken hearted. The children are learning, there eye's always questioning . There minds working hard but still so uneducated. I love them .. i want to jump on a trampling with them .. i want to cook for and with them .. and to make there beds lol The Elderly are aged graciously like a fine wine. They have experienced and been through this world. There was once a good friend of mind. Her name was rose but i always called her grandma she was 103 and although shes no longer around i miss her and the awesome stories she would tell. I for my elders i hold much love and respect.

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  1. Love to me is a realization, and relationships "relate"

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