Friday, February 15, 2013


2 am.  I am almost positive I was blown off tonight for someone who would put out. That's allright that's why a girl shouldn't sleep around .. see now I know he's a fucking jerk .... and I'm still sexually frustrated. 
     I really still haven't gotten used to being alone. Thank god I live with my best friend it certainly takes the edge off to have her around.  Still isn't the same as a 3 foot tall angel who needs protected from thunder {Or a lover with beautiful bedroom eyes} but it cushions the blow and I love my "adopted" family.  Also I'm 24 years old and I have a long way to go before I'm gone and still have a lot to learn.  This worlds a mess, already iv been through hell yet there's so much left to learn.
    Stupid girls who don't respect themselves take these things more serious than me ... and you say respect yourselves how? Well dumb ass it has nothing to do with anyone but you .. its the way you think of yourself.  Its allways struck me odd when people say that girl has no self respect {how the hell would you know}.
  So .. Dating to me anymore feels a lot like sticking your hand in the garbage disposal, flipping the switch,  and praying it doesn't eat you alive. Or wait .. eatings not always bad lol

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