Sunday, January 6, 2013

My dream and what i want out of life!!

It is very important to get a clear picture in your head of what you want. I know exactly what I want my future to look like . I want to own a 3 bed room house on three acres somewhere around denver colorado. As a free lance artist denvers rich art comunitys to me are stunning and magical! I would have a shop out frunt that was a novalty store where I sold my artistic master pieces and a herb garden in the back .... maybe even a small duck pond...I want to have room enouph for my daughters Emily and Star and I too grow and live happly .
My life is curantly in shambles. I have fought with all I have to try and fight my mother and win my daughters back. I left the man I was with because I did not wat to waste anymore time takeing care of him when I realy needed to worry about what was most Important to me."my children".
I am going to wright a hole new blog on my life. I have no problem making my life public knowlage and if you don't care.. well you don't have to read it ..... But for those of you who like a good story ..... grab some popcorn cuz iv got a shit load. 

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