Friday, December 7, 2012

A means to an ends

I'm in a brand new sparkly lotus right now .. A lot of good the talent god gave me is doing me ... But the music is to loud and its not fun .. Really but its me ... Thousands of people spend years and years in college to learn how to support a the class of life in which they wish to live. I've personally never under stood some of. The classes they make you take (for instance I never used my CPR class when I was tattooing). But I think the things iv learned in life had nothing to do with English 3 or calc 4 .. But human complexity's and how to mold the environment around me into something more suitable for me and what I want. ... It is life that taught me to be so gracefully and it is life and the unfortunate events there in which has taught me to react so calmly to every stressful situation ... It is the events there in that have created such a creature in me that I seek normality in the insanity of others ... I love meeting these new abstract people even thought the situations are often awkward and uncomfortable I must admit I enjoy the epic failure in humanity in general.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snarf snarf (like the thundercats) Fat ass cat

So I call my cat fat ass... yes yes I know but he is realy realy fat ok .... so we got this cat to be the family cat and take care of mice. Some how (not cuz I fed him people food) he became attached to me. Now when I see him I say fat ass I love you. And I do allthought I'm not so much a cat person anymore its nice to have a kindred soul esspecialy when I miss star so much.

Without harming others

As an artist I understand the intensity of passion in my ow way . I'v created in my own life the situations in which I can not only feel and experiance but enjoy lifes emotions . I can and do so responsibly with out harming others.

I try to make sure every choice I make will not harm anyone. Not only are there the reprecusions of karma but its me. I fear not the people I am harming but the harm I would be doing to my own soul.

I also have a huge problem stoping others from harming me ... if I see it come ing and have the chance to stop it .. I simply won't .. its not my place to control another persons free will (  with the exception of those persons in which I have a responsobility in teaching morals) .

I think of it this way . I am minka alexander and when I'm alone in my room that's the only person there is minka. Alone with my thoughts as I work on my art or try to fall asleep and my my memories of the things I have or haven't done will play and I will be the only one who has to answer to my self for the actions I have done. Don't get me wrong I am no where near perfect. I have made my mistakes just like every other human has.  I have also learned from my mistakes ... Not only what not to to but what to do . What to do to keep myself content under any situation without harming others.

I started doing paintings maybe 2 years ago ... it goes pretty well if i buckle down and get some work done

About my blog

Hey so I guess this seemed the best way to keep a diary .. lucky you you can read it all.. I'm going to start copying entrys from my old diaries and all my random stuff you know like poetry and stuff that all artist do ! ... welcome to the wonderful land of Minka! ... Please read carefully .. and don't take anything i say personally ,your not important enough for me to care that much ... have a nice day. .. ALSO you can find me or my art by searching minka alexander on google or facebook , or search pinkbudhistpeacock on youtube.

an old life harleys and tattoos

An old life


I started tattooing when i was 13.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

D'les Elexia Star Spiderbite Alexander

Sometimes theres no way to define the love you feel . Sometimes your heart is left with a gaping hole that cant be fixed . and sometimes theres nothing . I wake up some times a lot more than anyone should from a nightmare where her face and her touch was right there . one i remember quite vivedly was not scary at all... my daughter was there with me and i could feel her in my arms , but when i woke up there was nothing .. i truned down two full paid scholorships last time and this time i wouldnt do any less .. you could never in your life understand the pain i have and am going through .