Monday, December 10, 2012

Womans liberation not womens labito!

I'm going to be myself and that's who I am to you my friend I say take me with a grain of salt. I have a special respect for those men who can treat me like a person and not an object . Or to those who accept me for who I am and not judge me. I think freely and speak openly which has a shocking effect on most people . But that pretty face has seen a lot and I'm not afraid of what anyone thinks.
I won't dislike you for thinking wrong of me , but I will not respect you.
it is not my place to change you . You are you . And your oppinions are your own to create.. but at the same time. I won't let the world mold me into the buzzing hive of identical bees .. this is not only in branson apperiance but in my art and most importantly inside my own mind.

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