Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Without harming others

As an artist I understand the intensity of passion in my ow way . I'v created in my own life the situations in which I can not only feel and experiance but enjoy lifes emotions . I can and do so responsibly with out harming others.

I try to make sure every choice I make will not harm anyone. Not only are there the reprecusions of karma but its me. I fear not the people I am harming but the harm I would be doing to my own soul.

I also have a huge problem stoping others from harming me ... if I see it come ing and have the chance to stop it .. I simply won't .. its not my place to control another persons free will (  with the exception of those persons in which I have a responsobility in teaching morals) .

I think of it this way . I am minka alexander and when I'm alone in my room that's the only person there is minka. Alone with my thoughts as I work on my art or try to fall asleep and my my memories of the things I have or haven't done will play and I will be the only one who has to answer to my self for the actions I have done. Don't get me wrong I am no where near perfect. I have made my mistakes just like every other human has.  I have also learned from my mistakes ... Not only what not to to but what to do . What to do to keep myself content under any situation without harming others.

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