Saturday, December 15, 2012

As the silhouettes fade to black...

Plato spoke of a cave we all lived in , and to be enlightened was like leaving the cave . You would see on the outside what was making the shadows and the lights on the cave wall.. completely diffrent from the way you had first seen them. It is your intire world turned upside down.and nothing is ever realy the same.

The world can be harsh ,iv seen this , and I'm sure you have to. I must tell you now my friend you must take it all lightly . The less drama and negativity you let into your live the more smoothly your tides will wade.
A see a lot of people find it difficult in there busy lifes to just slow down .... Do you slow down?
And man kind needs LOVE! ... now this isn't just reciving .. sure u need to be loved but you also need to love.  And the power of love is amazing! So as I have learned in my life I say to you when your world is crashing down and you have no idea where to turn .. find something to love .. and most importantly learn to love yourself ... no matter what anyone says ... YOU ARE CREATING YOU. Its up to you what who and where you will be ! 

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