Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And to music....

I could allways find peace in a lovely song. My emotions connect to music and I can allways find the right song for the comfort I need. Coldplay to relax .. blue october or incubus when I'm sad .. or ette james , phebe snow when I feel lost because there's nothing like remember every thing youv been through every one in a while to keep you on a good path.    I have no favorite type or kind. They all seem to have there place and time and emotion in where they fit in perfectly.
ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE: I've allways loved this song! I love the happy earthy tone , and a fantastic melody. I used this song in my daughters and my morning exersizes .. Plus as a hippy mom its fantastic to watch your 3 year old dance to anything .
BACH: I enjoy listening to classical music when I'm painting. I have to say bach is at the top of my list.

BECAUSE OF YOU:  Reba and Kelly. Reminds me of my mother and when directly fallowed by beethoven,  moonlight could bring me to tears. At least puts a heavy burden on my mind.

COME A LITTLE CLOSER BABY ,DIRKS: oh I can tell you what this song reminds me of.... How in love I was once with a big muscler tattooed arm, wraping around my waist. Sometimes smiles pop into my head.. I love to remember my exes smiles . A moment of happieness I shared with my lover. At one time they where my best friend after all that's what a couple is. And I'll Never lie I loved each one of them in there own way.

FANCY: OH Reba ! Ha I like her music she's very talented. This song in particular is very insperational.

UNDER THE BRIDGE: Ok , so, I went out with this guy a couple times ,AWESOME guy. One night he took me to this 80's dance club in Nashville Tn ... on the way home, I layed in the seat my head on his arm and  my bare feet out the window ( heels hurt my feet) and he sang me this song. I don't remember for the life of me if his singing was good or bad, but so what.

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