Friday, December 7, 2012

A means to an ends

I'm in a brand new sparkly lotus right now .. A lot of good the talent god gave me is doing me ... But the music is to loud and its not fun .. Really but its me ... Thousands of people spend years and years in college to learn how to support a the class of life in which they wish to live. I've personally never under stood some of. The classes they make you take (for instance I never used my CPR class when I was tattooing). But I think the things iv learned in life had nothing to do with English 3 or calc 4 .. But human complexity's and how to mold the environment around me into something more suitable for me and what I want. ... It is life that taught me to be so gracefully and it is life and the unfortunate events there in which has taught me to react so calmly to every stressful situation ... It is the events there in that have created such a creature in me that I seek normality in the insanity of others ... I love meeting these new abstract people even thought the situations are often awkward and uncomfortable I must admit I enjoy the epic failure in humanity in general.

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